Panel Videos

#1 How Tech Can Transform Your Retail Store
Hosted by Gilbert Russell / No Qualms Retail

#2 Alternative Marketing
Moderated by Kimmay Caldwell  / HURRAY MEDIA + Sponsored by Gemsli

#3 Women's Sexual Wellness: A Look at the Sexual Health Trend and the Retail Market
Moderated by Kristine Eckart / Easton International Marketing Director + Sponsored by Beloved Intimacy Serum

#4 Trend Forecast: Where Do We Go From Here
Hosted by Todd Mick & Kristen Classi-Zummo / The NPD Group

#5 Retail Success in 2023: How to Boost your Sales & Increase Profitability
Moderated by Gilbert Russell / No Qualms Retail 
Panelists: Larisa Olson / CHANTILLY LACE, Shelly Domenech / I.C. LONDON, & Debbie Donelle / LINGERIE DEBRA

#6 The Value of Introducing Men's Lingerie into your Store
Moderated by Kimmay Caldwell / HURRAY MEDIA
Speakers:  Roman Sipa /MENAGERIE, Sonya Davie / SONYA DAVIE WELLNESS,
Jazmin Ingraham/ JOURNELLE, Ty Hunter /STYLIST, Billy Procida/ THE MANWHORE PODCAST

#7 Intimates Industry Updates 2022
Todd Mick / The NPD Group