Thursday, February 22, 2024

Featured: Unhooked Magazine Covers Curve New York Fashion Show

Featured: Unhooked Magazine Covers Curve New York Fashion Show

Frosty Cocktails, Hot Fashion – Curve New York Pulls Out All the Stops!

Here’s the scoop: Curve New York is the ultimate hotspot for all things intimate apparel and swimwear. But not just New York! With events lighting up the fashion capitals of New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal, it’s where the big dogs play. Top brands, talented new designers, buyers, and industry game-changers? You bet they’re all there, mingling, schmoozing, and setting the trends that’ll have everyone talking. Curve is where the magic happens!
Curve New York, the ultimate trade show for all things skimpy and swimmy in North America, kicked off its bi-annual show at the Javits Center from February 4-6. For three days straight, retail buyers and industry big shots flocked to the venue ready to make deals, spot the next big thing, and maybe even snag some free swag.
With over 150 international lingerie brands showcasing their finest wares, attendees to Curve New York were treated to a smorgasbord of activities, from trend seminars to bra-fitting workshops and beyond. And let’s not forget the cherry on top: the venue’s light-filled upper-level Pavilion exhibition space overlooking the Hudson River served as the perfect backdrop for three sunny days of fashion — sunglasses were definitely a must!

Anniversaries at Curve New York!

We’re tipping our hats (or should we say bras?) to two longtime exhibitors at Curve who are hitting some seriously impressive milestones. First up, we’ve got Simone Perele, the French powerhouse celebrating a whopping 75 years of setting the lingerie world ablaze with their stunning designs. And let’s not forget Anita, the German sensation marking an incredible 125 years in the biz. Talk about staying power! From intimates to athleisure, they’re showing no signs of slowing down—and we’re here for every moment of it. Cheers to these trailblazers!
The lingerie sector is evolving.
Shapewear has gone from being a fashion phenomenon to a social phenomenon.”

Curve New York VIP Fashion Show

Curve New York went all out for their winter cocktail bash and fashion fiesta, spoiling a handpicked ‘by-invitation-only’ group of lingerie VIPs with a night of pure glam at the Hard Rock venue – no, not the usual tourist trap, but their swanky event space on West 48th street. Picture this: the lower-level party spot, complete with a gold wraparound bar AND a dancefloor transformed into a catwalk. It was like the Oscars of underwear, minus the red carpet, but with just as much fabulousness!
Braving the cold winds, elbowing through the throngs of Times Square tourists, and dodging Sesame Street characters, guests arrived at the Hard Rock, buzzing with excitement. Inside, the energy was electric, with buyers and vendors alike, fresh from a day at Curve in the Javits Center, ready to mingle and soak in the fashion frenzy.
The event boasted a lineup of 15 fabulous brands, from the classics like Anita and Chantelle to the trendsetters like Nette Rose and Skarlett Blue—sounds like the ultimate lingerie fashion showdown, right? With a cheeky nod to celebrating the latest trends and body positivity, each label strutted their stuff, showcasing pieces from their Fall 2024 collections to a crowd of buyers, press, influencers, stylists, and other VIPs.
Models of all shapes and sizes sashayed down the runway, each one defying the status quo in nothing but bras, panties – and stiletto heels. IMHO, a hint of sleepwear and elegant gowns would have added a touch of variety to the show.
Now, let’s shine a spotlight on our favorite newcomer: Nette Rose. Hailing all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, this up-and-coming brand captured the spotlight with their cheeky designs and undeniable flair.
Also, spotted on the runway: sultry strappy bodysuits, dazzling metallic accents, a spectrum of vibrant and understated hues, and essential nude basics designed to complement every skin tone. Oh, and let’s not forget the shapewear—because who doesn’t love a good squeeze? And as for those intricately detailed, hand-made lace pieces? They were the showstoppers! With the venue packed to the rafters with top lingerie buyers, writers, and fashion enthusiasts, it was the hottest ticket in town for the February edition of Curve New York.
Of course, we have to mentionThe Great Coat Check Odyssey’! Post-runway, we faced the ultimate test of our social endurance—the coat check line! It stretched longer than the TKTS line on Broadway’s busiest night!

The Curve New York Exhibition

The Curve New York show welcomed a fresh wave of emerging brands and under-the-radar designers, with an impressive lineup of 30 newcomers making their debut. Among them, Fashion Executive and Netflix’s “My Unorthodox Life” star Julia Haart introduced her shapewear line, +Body by Julia Haart, while Chloe Rogers, Founder of Scarlett Gasque, brought a touch of vintage glamour with her retro-inspired designs.
Other exciting brands includined (EX)TEASY, BOGLIETTI, By Catalfo, and more.
And finally, we can’t overlook the Lingerie Briefs Salon, now in its third year! This special showcase hosted by Asi Efros spotlights the artistry and innovation of 11 exciting new brands in an immersive section of the show floor. The brands include Pagan Poetry, GOD SAVE QUEENS – and my personal favorite, the gorgeous Apilat Lingerie.